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Focus on the Family - a marriage resource providing sound help and advice to couples. Topics include intimacy, expectations, dating, finances, challenges, communication, and hope.

#9 Tip for a Great Marriage - Mutually Satisfying Physical Intimacy

Thriving couples regularly celebrate their marriage with passionate sexual intimacy.  Because they are joined as “one flesh,” healthy husbands and wives place an appropriate emphasis upon the physical component of their union, realizing that it is a vital aspect of the joy, pleasure, and mutual satisfaction that are supposed to lie at the heart of the marital relationship.


Rebuilding Marriage with Bonding Steps

Sometimes re-enacting the first stages of a dating relationship can help rekindle the fires in marriage. I'm Dr. James Dobson with Focus on the Family.



Focus on the Family - a parenting resource providing sound help and advice to parents. Topics include discipline, family relationships, sexuality, emotions, roles, challenges, fun and safety.

Stand Against Bullying

by Paul Coughlin

Josh dreaded going to school during his secondary school years.  Name-calling and cruel jokes from his peers undermined his self-esteem and his school-work.  “It was impossible for me to learn,” he says.


The Temper Tantrum

This is Dr. James Dobson with Focus on the Family. Everyone who has raised a toddler has probably been confronted at some point by a full-blown temper tantrum.



Focus on the Family - a youth resource providing sound help and advice to teenagers. Topics include respect, media, boundaries, consequences and relationships.

Charting My Course

Family meetings were a mainstay of my growing-up years. As I still live at home, I still take part in them. In our meetings, we discuss life. We talk about goals and finances and dreams. We are forced to think about what matters to us and where we want to go. Read more...

The Courtship Game

There was a time when young girls were taught to be reserved - to keep a tight reign on their impulses.  Especially when it came to matters of the heart. They would never have asked a boy for a date, or even have made the first telephone call But much of that has changed.