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The Math and Music of Communication

Written by Laird Crump

Is effective communication in marriage an art or a science? The correct answer is yes, and that’s not just a politically response.


Mystique In Marriage

Most marriage counselors emphasize communication as THE foundation for a healthy relationship, and yet there can be a downside to this policy of baring all with the one you love.



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Teaching Children To Be Independent

I believe one of the primary tasks for parents is to prepare children for the independence and responsibility of adulthood. I have an infant son, and I certainly want to teach him to be self-disciplined and responsible as the years unfold. But I don’t know where to start. How can I instil these characteristics in my son, and how early should I begin?


Hold Them Close & Let Them Go

One of the most difficult responsibilities parents face is the task of letting go.



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Digital Junkies

Emily awoke at 2 in the morning after hearing a noise downstairs.Nervously pulling back the blanket, she slipped quietly out of her room toward the mysterious sound. Anxiety turned into anger as she approached the faint but distinct music of her sons’ favorite video game – the same game they had been ordered to stop playing hours earlier in order to go to bed.


Time For Kids

You know, there are times in every family when rules and restrictions must be imposed, even during the teen years. But let me make this point emphatically: Rules without relationship lead to rebellion.