Congratulations, FOFM! For helping Families Thrive, all these 20 years!
Joshua Liong

What and honour and privilege to be given the opportunity to lead the ministry and to see hearts turning towards home. Congratulations and thank you to one and all for taking this journey together.

Amazing 20 years indeed! Thank you for being so faithful to the work of helping families thrive. Congratulations!
Andrea Kong

It has been a pleasure dealing with Focus on the Family Malaysia. They are very helpful, kind and caring. I will definitely attend other classes and workshops conducted by them, and I highly recommend them to my family and friends.

Congratulations on the 20 years, Wee Min, Benny, etc! Glad you're still around serving the Lord strengthening families.
Ian Chai

My family and I are so blessed to be a part of this noble organization. May Focus on the Family Malaysia continue its service of helping families thrive until all are turning their hearts toward home. Have a grand and memorable 20 years celebration!
Peter Chang

Twenty years! That is very exciting! FOFM was an integral part of my life and those experiences continue to impact me. I know my story is only one of thousands that you have touched over the decades. Keep up the good work and congratulations!
Deborah Ward


May you have Many Many More Years of bringing much Joy to all who participate in your events. May you continue to make this world a better place.

All The Best !

And .. Thank You

Mary/Evan Fung J.W.
participants of Mother & Son Connection 2008
P/S: The clips in the video brought a stream of sweet memories!

Congratulations on your anniversary. Well done. Malaysian families are blessed because of you.