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Board Members

Focus on the Family Malaysia is overseen by a board of knowledgeable and experienced directors. Our board governs major decisions, provides overall direction and offers guidance for ensuring the organization’s efficacy, accountability and long-term sustainability in its mission to serve families.

Lee Wee MinLee Wee Min (Chairman)           Ho Kien KeongHo Kien Keong

Gerald G. PeraraGerald G. Perara                       Mary ChanMary Chan                       

   Ba U Shan-TingBa U Shan-Ting                    Dr. Vincent WongDr. Vincent Wong                  

Benny KongBenny Kong                           Datin Julie YeohDatin Julie Teh                     

 Dr. JeanDr. Ong Nguk Jean 

Who We Are

Focus on the Family Malaysia (FOFM) was established in 1997 out of a deep concern over the disintegration of the institution of the family and weakening of family values and relationships in Malaysia.

As a non-profit organization, we are dedicated to helping families thrive. This is expressed in our core strategies that guide our outreach efforts and daily work:

  • Provide relevant, reliable and reproducible marriage, parenting and youth programs, resources and counselling services;
  • Partner with like-minded organizations and individuals to promote, resource and fund activities and advocacy for families; and
  • Excel in regular research, developing donor relationships and reaching out to the wider community through e-platforms.

With the vision of enriched families and communities nationwide, we are committed to nurturing, supporting and protecting time-honored values and the institution of the family.

Brand Promise

We are dedicated to being a Trusted, Compassionate Guide - ever ready to offer support and provide time-tested solutions to address today’s real challenges.

We express a personality of an Unwavering Heart - by extending genuine compassion to others while remaining true to our principles and beliefs.

We seek to build Personally Relevant Connections - which are engaging and meaningful, valued relationships founded on common ground.

We aspire to serve as an Inspiring Family Advocate - who champions for families and safeguards time-honored family values.

All in all, Helping Families Thrive represents our promise. We are committed to helping families and communities nationwide navigate an ever-changing world and prosper for a lifetime.


Focus on the Family Malaysia (FOFM) was founded by Lee Wee Min. A civil engineer by profession, he owned a concrete-preservation business till 1995 when he sold it and began FOFM in July 1997. He was the Executive Chairman of FOFM till June 2017 and now continues to serve as the Board Chairman of the organization. In March 2007, he took on the role as Asia Regional Director for Focus on the Family International.

Wee Min is married to Swee Choo and they have three wonderful children - Joel (married to Jade), Sarah and Sandra.

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