Your Birthday / Facing The Water

Does fall and springtime frighten you? This is Dr. James Dobson for Focus on the Family.

My father was an artist and a poet  not by profession only, but by the beating of his heart. By the very soul of his being. When my mother turned 50 years of age, Dad naturally saw the significance of that milestone and recognized within it the passing of the years and the brevity of life. Which inspired him to write a poem which he called, “Your Birthday.” This is what he wrote...

The whole world is singing, now that spring has come.

I saw a robin in the morning sun.

Among the pale green leaves and bursting buds, I heard his talk.

But it is autumn, where we walk.

`Tis true for us the summer too is gone.

Now whiplashed winds arise, and further on,

The ice and sleet and cold in grim assault to pierce us through.

Does fall and springtime frighten you?

Impotence shines the April sun so fair,

To melt the wisps of frost within your hair.

My dear, I know you feel the threatening gloom  but I'm with you

And hand-in-hand, we'll face the winter too.

Well, my mother and father did face the winter together. They now lie side-by-side on a wind-swept hill where they once loved to walk. And now my wife and I are also experiencing fall and springtime. With Focus on the Family, I'm Dr. James Dobson.

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