The Talking Scale

A few years ago, my staff here at FOF bought me a talking scale for my birthday. I never told them this, but I hated that thing. It had no volume control on it, and it shouted my weight all over the neighborhood.

Nevertheless, I went on a two-week diet shortly thereafter, and I used the scale to monitor my weight loss. Every morning I'd get out of bed, and I'd climb on board that thing and it would give me the good news or the bad news. But about 12 days later, I got on the scale one morning, and it promptly told me that I weighed 278 pounds. Well, I couldn't have gained 80 pounds in one day, so I got off and got back on again. This time, it said your weight is 147 pounds. Every time I stepped on the scale, it gave me a different number. Why had it suddenly gone bonkers? Finally, I stepped up again, and the crazy thing didn't say anything. So I stood there in my pajamas feeling dumb and waiting for this cuckoo machine to talk to me. After a long pause, this very tired voice said, "My batteries are low." I said, "I know buddy, so are mine." I bet I'm talking to someone out there today who is suffering from that chronic illness known as "low batteries." The best cure for a power failure is a radical change of pace, even if it's only for a day or two. Take off. Get out. Go away. Play hooky. Go shopping. Then come home with your batteries recharged and raring to go. With Focus on the Family, I'm Dr. James Dobson.

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