Finding Strength Through Adversity

Someone once said if you remove the rocks from a brook, it would lose its song. Well, that holds true for you and me, as well.

Author Scott Walker tells of the time he was asked to help some friends dig through the ashes of their house after a fire. When they arrived, all that was standing was a portion of the outer brick wall. Where the piano once stood lay only a pile of ashes and twisted wire. Nothing had survived the blaze. But while sifting through the debris, Walker came across a tiny, china bluebird. He wiped away the soot to find that the colors were still bright. A few hairline cracks had formed in the glaze but beyond that, it remained intact.

Walker writes, "As I gazed down at the bird's small beak and two black eyes, I wanted to weep. If only this little bluebird could talk, what a story it would tell. A story of the heat of the night, of terror, of survival against great odds. And then the crucial question hit me. Why did this china bluebird survive? It had survived the fire because it had been tested by fire." And so it is with human beings who have been refined in life's raging furnace. They are tougher, harder, and more resilient than those who have never faced difficulty and loss.

That understanding may help us cope the next time the heat is turned up on our tranquil little world.

With Focus on the Family, this is Dr. James Dobson.

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