Creative Ways To Date Your Spouse

Are you tired of that same old dinner and a movie? Are you sick of watching mindless television or yet another boring ball game? Maybe its time to come up with some creative ways to date your spouse.

I'm Dr. James Dobson with Focus on the Family.

Dave and Claudia Arp have written a book called 52 dates for you and your mate. In it they list some great creative ways to put a little romance into your marriage. How about a gourmet cooking date? You choose a recipe you've never cooked before, you make a grocery list, you shop together, then you chop and stir and simmer to your hearts content. Don't worry, the dishes can wait till tomorrow.

Or, how about a marriage history date. This is a time you set apart to remember and catalog some of the good times you've shared together. There's nothing better to rekindle the old romantic feelings than to stroll down memory lane, looking at pictures and writing a marriage journal or just reminiscing together. That's why I like to visit what might be called old haunts, those restaurants, and parks and theaters that you frequented when you were young.

Or, you can try a book date. Read the same chapter of a book and discuss it over dinner or lunch.

There are many ways to break out of the rut and bring a new freshness and energy into the marriage. All it takes is a little creativity. This is Dr. James Dobson with Focus on the Family.

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