Intimacy In Marriage

Imagine, if you will, two rowboats drifting together on a choppy lake.

A man sits in one of them, and a woman rides in the other. Now they have every intention of crossing the lake together, side by side, because they genuinely care about each other. But ever so slowly, they begin to drift apart.

Each catches different currents and gusts of wind that turn their little boats in opposite directions, and before they know it, one person sits at the north end of the lake, and the other bobs along at the south. They can hardly communicate with each other without shouting from so great a distance. And by that time, there are a number of little children sitting in a third boat, little bewildered children.

Now there's a dramatic analogy here to the plight of too many marriages today. Husbands and wives begin their journey side by side, with every intention of remaining together for a lifetime. But the pressures of everyday living turn them in their own directions and toward their own pursuits and away from each other.

Unless a husband and wife are willing to row, to work together, to talk through their difficulties and to compromise, it's likely that they will not reach the far side of the lake together. But it need not happen. Their boats can remain side by side, if each partner is simply willing to row. Otherwise, the currents of culture will separate them forever.

With Focus on the Family, I'm Dr. James Dobson.

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