Over Commitment

Are we ignoring the most common threat to family life? I'm Dr. James Dobson with Focus on the Family.

We can talk about alcoholism, or drug abuse, and infidelity, but for many families the most dangerous threat to marriage is the simple matter of overcommitment. I'm talking about the husband and wife who are too exhausted to take walks to together, to understand one another, to meet each other's needs. So often these days the husband moonlights, the wife works and tries to oversee the home, and everyone is on the brink of exhaustion. Their children get short-changed and life goes speeding by in a deadly routine. I see this kind of overcommitment as the quickest route to the destruction of the family. And there simply must be a better way. Some friends of mine recently sold their house and moved into a smaller less expensive place just so they could lower their payments and reduce the hours required in the workplace. That kind of downward mobility is unheard of today - it's almost un-American. But when we reach the end of our lives and we look back on the things that mattered most, those precious relationships with people we love will rank at the top of the list. If friends and family will be a treasure then, why not live like it today. I'm Dr. James Dobson for Focus on the Family.

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