Sometimes even the best of parents have a hard time accepting their children just the way they are.

I'm Dr. James Dobson with Focus on the Family.

Parents of a child who is extremely shy, for example, will often ask me how they can pull him out of his shell. At home he may make profound statements, he may share his observations about life and the nature of the universe, he may even tell the funniest jokes; but in public his tongue becomes wedged to the side of his cheek and his head drops as if glued to his chest.

Why is Billy so introverted around strangers? It could be because he's been hurt or rejected in the past. But it's more likely that he was born that way. And no amount of goading or pushing by his parents will make him outgoing, flamboyant or confident. His shyness is just a function of his innate temperament.

My advise to parents of such a child is simply this: give up trying to make him something he cannot be. Go with the flow, accepting him just the way he is made. Then look for those special qualities that give that boy or girl individuality and potential. Nurture him. Cultivate him. And then give him time to come into his own as a unique personality like no other human being on earth.

You as a parent will be less frustrated by this acceptance, and I guarantee you, so will junior. I'm Dr. James Dobson for Focus on the Family.

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