Priceless Memories

You know, I've always thought that children were funny. I'm reminded, for example, of Ann Ortland's 11-year-old son, Nels, whom she described in her book, Disciplines of a Beautiful Woman.

She had taken this rambunctious boy to their pediatrician for a routine physical examination. Before seeing the doctor, however, the nurse attempted to obtain a medical history.

“Tell me, Mrs. Ortlund,” said the nurse, “how's he sleeping?”

Well, Nels answered on his own behalf, and he said, “I sleep very well.”

The nurse wrote that down.

“Mrs. Ortlund, how are his bowels?” said the nurse.

The boy responded, “Oh, they're good -A, E, I, O, U.”

This boy made an impression that neither his mother or the nurse will ever forget. See, it's memories like these that remind us of the joys of parenting. I encourage you to take the time to record the memorable moments you experience with your children. It you don't have time to take elaborate notes or you don't have access to a VCR recorder, keep a diary, record an audio tape and by all means maintain a photo album.

Having lived to see my children grow up and leave the nest, I can tell you that the effort you invest in preserving their early childhood experiences will pay big dividends as the years unfold and time blurs the memories.

This is Dr. James Dobson with Focus on the Family.

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