Creating Special Memories

I've often tried to stress how important it is for parents to watch for those teachable moments with their children, but if you really want to try to make an impact, try creating special times together, as well.

Bob Welch recently awoke his 16-year-old son early in the morning hours and headed toward the ocean. They buried a small can in the sand, and then they walked seven miles away along the beach, each carrying only a pocketful of golf balls, a handful of tees and a driver. At 6:00 A.M. they teed up their first shots of the game, 12,320 yards from the hole. A par 72, they figured. For the better part of the day, they walked and hit and they talked and they laughed together, often about nothing, and sometimes about everything. The game ended 68 strokes later in a tie, and a promise for a rematch. Listen to what Bob writes about that experience. He said, "I realise that we've come a long way, father and son, much further than seven miles. We made a memory that may be told around beach fires for years to come." It's impossible to overstate the impact these kinds of memories have on the lives of our children.

When parents go out of their way to create special times together, they send their children a very clear message: "I care deeply for you, and I want more than anything just to be with you," and that's a message every child needs to hear.

With Focus on the Family, I'm Dr. James Dobson.

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