Keeping Families Connected

Most families today are running ninety miles an hour — usually in different directions. It’s easy to lose touch with your kids, even though you’re living in the same house. But there are ways to stay connected, even during the busiest seasons of life.

I’m Dr. Bill Maier, for Focus on the Family, sitting in today for Dr. James Dobson.

One father I know makes a point of taking each of his kids on a short vacation at least once a year — just the two of them. Sometimes they go on a weeklong trip across the country; other times they just go to a nearby city and hang out for a few days.

Some of their most meaningful experiences have happened during these one-on-one vacations. It’s a great idea for fathers who want to bond with their kids.

A regular family night is another good way to stay connected. Try setting aside one night a week where everyone gets together, either to play games or watch a movie. I like this idea because it forces everyone to budget their time in order to be with the family. Maybe you could plan a date night alone with each of your kids. Let them choose the place and activity. Where you go isn’t important — what is important is the time you spend together.

Some parents have set up small mailboxes for each member of the family and they write little notes to their kids on a regular basis. They also encourage their kids to do the same. There’s nothing like an encouraging letter to brighten a person’s day.

Don’t let the busy-ness of life come between you and your kids. Just a little effort and creativity can go a log way toward strengthening your family’s bond.

For Dr. James Dobson and Focus on the Family, I’m Dr. Bill Maier.

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