Time With Kids

Have you noticed that laughter is the key to survival during the special stresses of the child rearing years?

I'm Dr. James Dobson with Focus on the Family. I've seen time and again that parents who can see the delightful side of their assignment can also deal with the difficulties. Almost every day I hear from mothers who would agree, and they share the most wonderful stories with me. One of my favorites came from the mother of two small children. This is what she wrote: "Dear Dr. Dobson: A few months ago I was making several phone calls in the family room where my 3-year old daughter, Adrian, and my 5-month old son, Nathan, were playing quietly.

Now Nathan loves Adrian who's been learning how to mother him gently since the time of his birth. I suddenly realized that the children were no longer in view. Panic-stricken, I quickly hung up the phone and went looking for the pieces. Down the hall and around the corner I found the children playing cheerfully in Adrian's bedroom. Relieved and upset, I shouted, 'Adrian, you know you're not allowed to carry Nathan! He's too little and you could hurt him if he fell!' Startled, she answered, 'I didn't mommy.' Well, knowing that he couldn't crawl, I suspiciously demanded, 'Well, then.How did he get all the way into your room?' Confident of my approval for her obedience, she said with a smile, 'I rolled 'em!' He's alive and they're still best friends. Sincerely, Nancy." Humor; it can carry you through many a family crisis. I'm Dr. James Dobson for Focus on the Family.

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