A Painful Memory

Hello everyone, I’m Dr. James Dobson with Focus on the Family. Did you ever do anything super stupid when you were a kid? I certainly did.

When I was seventeen years old, the state of Texas granted me a license to drive. It was a bad decision. My dad let me drive his brand-new Ford at lunchtime a few days later. My friends were milling around as I drove by which gave me a great opportunity to show off. In our little town, there were hug dips on both sides of certain intersections and I reasoned tht if I hit the bumps at high speed, my car would sail over them. I was dead wrong. I hit the first bump, bounced straight up, and then careened into the second.

My Texas friends were awestruck. “Wow!” they said. “Look at that. He got air under his tires.”

A few weeks later, my good old dad came to me and said, “Uh, Bo,” (that’s what he called me) “I just took the car to the mechanic and he said all four shocks have blown out. That’s very strange. Do you have any idea how this could have happened?”

The only thing that saved me was a momentary lapse of memory — I honestly didn’t recall what I had done at that second. But remembering it later helped me not overreact when my kids did stupid things 30 years later. Can you relate?

With Focus on the Family, I’m Dr. James Dobson.

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