Preparing Your Child For Adolescence

A parent who sees the unmistakable signs of adolescence beginning to arrive in a son or daughter needs to set aside some time for a final all-important conversation.

This is Dr. James Dobson with Focus on the Family.

In many ways, parents of a pre-teen are like a football coach who has trained his squad all through late summer and early fall. Finally the first game is about to occur, when direct coaching will not be possible. He gathers the kids in the locker room and he makes one last speech before they take the field. He reminds them of the fundamentals, and he gives them the old pep talk about winning.

In the same way, parents of pre-teens have been teaching their youngsters all through preschool and the elementary years. They've been teaching about right and wrong, and what they believe. There's so much that they need to summarize. Soon the big contest called adolescence will begin and once the teen takes the field, coaching advice will not be acceptable.

That's why I recommend one last encounter called a preparing for adolescence trip to be taken, during which the moral values and the family's principles are repeated and emphasized. Sex education and the physical changes of adolescence and the approaching social pressures and other fundamentals will be discussed. Having done that job, they should then end with a Knute Rochny inspirational message - give 'em a loving slap on the behind - and send the team onto the field. Then they should hold their breath and pray like crazy.

This is Dr. James Dobson for Focus on the Family.

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