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Timeless wisdom from Focus on the Family that will challenge and encourage you in your marriage.

Through pre-marital education courses such as Smart Start, relationship assessment tools such as Couple Checkup and PREPARE/ENRICH, not to mention marriage campaigns and events such as Say, I Do! and Date Night, we equip married couples with practical skills, information and support to help them be more effective in their roles.

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1 The half-hearted marriage
2 Learn to fight fair
3 Maintaining Lifelong Commitment
4 Positive Communication in Marriage
5 The 'Love and Respect' Principle
6 Family Financial Fitness
7 How to Improve My Marriage by Helping Others
8 Seeing Your Man with New Eyes
9 Fadeless Attraction
10 Are We Falling Out of Love?
11 The Danger of Busyness
12 Opposites attract (and react): Navigating personality differences within your marriage
13 Redefining Expectations Within Your Marriage
14 Not Tonight Honey
15 Stress and Conflict – Together We Can Overcome
16 7 Team-Building Games for a Winning Marriage
17 Q&A: Learning to fight fair
18 Teasing in Marriage Is Never Harmless
19 On Listening and Other Rare, Exotic Habits
20 Choose Wisely, Words Matter
21 #12 Tip for a Thriving Marriage - Healthy Individuals
22 How to be Your Spouse's #1 Cheerleader
23 Changing the way you think to change your marriage
24 Dreaming together for the New Year
25 #11 Tip for a Thriving Marriage - Community Minded
26 #10 Tip for a Thriving Marriage - Coping with Change, Stress, and Crises
27 The Nuts and Bolts of Double Dating
28 Dealing With Physical Distance in Marriage
29 Walking Alongside Others in Marriage
30 #9 Tip for a Thriving Marriage - Mutually Satisfying Physical Intimacy
31 #8 Tip for a Thriving Marriage - Shared Responsibility
32 Sexual Misunderstanding
33 Great Sex Doesn't Just Happen
34 Having Children Has Hurt My Sexual Relationship with My Spouse.
35 Sexual Needs: His & Hers
36 #7 Tip for a Thriving Marriage - Nourish
37 #6 Tip for a Thriving Marriage - Cherish
38 My Wife Thinks I Don't Help Enough With The Kids. What Should I Do?
39 Taking Your Marriage on Vacation
40 #5 Tip for a Thriving Marriage - Spending Enjoyable Time Together
41 #4 Tip for a Thriving Marriage - Healthy Conflict Management
42 7 Steps for Making Time in Your Marriage
43 Great date ideas
44 Date Night: Couples That Play Together, Stay Together
45 #3 Tip for a Thriving Marriage - Positive Communication
46 The Math and Music of Communication
47 My Spouse and I Argue A Lot
48 #2 Tip for a Thriving Marriage - Shared Spiritual Intimacy
49 Extending Your Heritage
50 #1 Tip for a Thriving Marriage - Lifelong Commitment

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