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Need help with raising your kids? Focus on the Family provides tried and true parenting advice to help your children thrive.

Bonding programmes such as Father & Son Adventure Camp, Mother & Son Connection, Father & Daughter Connection, and Mother & Daughter Connection, exist to help enhance relationships and foster a greater understanding between parent and child. Workshops and talks on parenting are also available, such as PARCE, Sound Generation, and Let's Talk About Sex.

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1 Neither World: Parent-Teen Negotiations
2 Boundaries: The key to freedom
3 Can a parent expect respect?
4 Why children need boundaries
5 Eliminate busyness from family life
6 Family time and relationships
7 The gift of respect on Father's Day
8 An attitude of gratitude: Going beyond please and thank you
9 Build relationship with your child
10 Dinner: The Antidote for Risky Behaviour
11 Parents' Role in Homework
12 Homework and Responsibility
13 Approaches to Discipline
14 Behaviour and Consequences
15 Teaching Your Kids About Money
16 Passing on Faith Requires Intentionality
17 Celebrating Your Family Identity
18 How Can We Make Positive Family Memories
19 Connecting With Your Teens
20 Your Child’s Love Language
21 Adoption Success for the Long Haul
22 A Network of Support
23 Coping With Adoption Stress
24 Traits of Successful Adoptive Families
25 Are parents over-scheduling their children?
26 The Strengths of A Father Figure
27 Dads And The Daughters They Love
28 Affirming mothers every day
29 A Wife and Mother’s Role
30 The Most Common Discipline Mistakes Parents Make
31 6 Principles of Parenting with Love and Discipline
32 20 Guilt-Free Resolutions
33 Our teen doesn't take part in family activities anymore. What should we do?
34 Choosing a Family Hobby
35 Family Talk and Identity
36 Family Fun Time & Traditions
37 8 Common Physical and Emotional Symptoms of Drugs Abuse
38 Drug-Proofing Your Home
39 Why Kids Use Drugs
40 Beating Exam Stress
41 Your Child’s Self-Esteem
42 Building Confidence in Children
43 My Pre-teen Seems to Have Separation Anxiety and Doesn't Want to be Away from Us.
44 Our Preteen is Overweight and Gets Depressed About Healthy Eating
45 Sibling Rivalry
46 Our Older Sons Pick On and Tease Their Younger Brother.
47 Our Toddler is Having a Hard Time Adjusting to Our New Baby.
48 What's the Best Way to Talk About Death with a Child?
49 Leaving a Legacy for Your Child
50 Why should dads demonstrate affection towards their sons?

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