Great Date Ideas

We’ve come up with some fun, romantic ways to spend time with your spouse. Check back often to see our new date ideas! And if you have any date suggestions of your own to share, we would love to hear from you! Email your tips to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Sundae fun day
Going out for ice cream with all the fixings can be expensive. As a money-savvy alternative, purchase a tub of ice cream from the grocery store and forage for toppings in the bulk bins! See who can be the most adventurous with their mix-ins and enjoy a bowl of custom ice cream with your sweetie.

Duet? Do it!
Maybe you won’t win this season’s TV talent show, but you and your spouse can be superstars in your living room! Choose a favourite song and look up the lyrics online. Spend an evening at home learning to sing the song with your spouse. Sing with gusto, laughing as you squeak on the high notes. If you’re great singers, try squeaking anyway – aim for playfulness, not perfection! For a bigger challenge, attempt a two-part harmony.

"Happy 100 List"
Stay positive in your marriage by focusing on the good things in life. Ask your spouse to write a personal “Happy 100 List” of things that inspire their happiness. For example, they could list warm slippers or cheesy lasagna, morning coffee or midnight moonlight. As your husband or wife reads their list, take note of ways you can kindle their joy – you've 100 to choose from!

Playground date
Remember how fun it was to go down a slide as a kid or see how high you could swing?  Fill two travel mugs with your favourite warm beverage, find a nearby park with a playground and let loose your inner child! Share your childhood playground memories with each other. You may learn something new about your spouse!

Surprise date adventures
Keep your spouse guessing by turning date night into a surprise adventure. To begin, make a set of cards (either decorated and written by hand or done on the computer) with one activity listed on each. For example, one could list a movie, and the others could list a restaurant, a dessert café, or a stop by his or her favourite store to pick out a small treat. Each card would then be sealed in an envelope. Present the envelopes to your date and have them choose one out of your hand. Whatever they pick, do it! Repeat the process until all the date options have been chosen.

At-home spa
Give your love some tender care by planning a relaxing massage date. To create your at-home spa, set up a quiet room with candles, flowers and light, classical music. Fill the room with a light scent, preferably an essential oil burning in an infuser. Then, have your spouse lie on the bed with fresh sheets, and begin with a head and neck rub, followed by a back massage. Be sure to take your time and ask your spouse what pressure they prefer and what spots need the most attention. If you want help with your massage skills, there are plenty of books available to give you tips. But don’t worry! Whether you know how to give a perfect massage, giving a gift of loving touch is a surefire way to convey love and care to your mate.

The more the merrier
A double date with a twist! Have the husbands become one date-planning team and the wives become another. With your date-planning partner, collaborate your ideas for a super-secret creative date for your spouses. Who knows what new and exciting ideas you’ll come up when you brainstorm date ideas with a friend? Throw in a little friendly competition by setting the expectation that each team should try to outdo the other on their turns to impress! This way, your double dates might just get better and better each time!

Go on a progressive dinner
Mix up your dinner routine and patron three of your favourite restaurants in one night! Have appetizers at one restaurant, entrees at another and finish the night with dessert at a third. Feeling extra creative? Make it a multinational feast, beginning with sushi, then burritos and finishing with gelato.

Wireless date night
Go out on a dinner date and turn your phones to silent. Don't check your phones until you leave the restaurant. Enjoy a distraction-free date and get to know your spouse even better. Check out our No Mobile During Dinner family kit here.

Pick a new restaurant
Do an Internet search of restaurants in or near your neighbourhood. Try some place neither of you have eaten at before. This is a fun way to explore different cuisines – you may even find a new favourite!

Dates that support your resolution(s)
Are two of your resolutions to go on more adventures and save money? Plan a date night using online coupon sites like Groupon, Mydeal or Dealmates. Look for discounts to local restaurants, art studios, dance classes or live entertainment. You’ll save money, create memories and discover more about the area where you and your spouse live.

Back to the dating days
Think back to some of the earliest dates you went on with your spouse. Set aside an afternoon, evening or an entire day to recreate these memories. Want to go an extra mile? Bring along a camera and then compare the pictures to the ones you took on those first dates, and celebrate how far you’ve come in your relationship.

Plant a garden
Doing a creative task together helps couples grow closer. Create a backyard garden or, if you live in an apartment, a container garden. Enjoy the creative process of shopping for seeds or plants and working the soil.

Bring out their best
Take the 12 Love Challenges! Each month, there is a different challenge for you and your spouse to bring out the best in them. Incorporate these challenges into your regular Date Nights. The Love Challenge for Him | The Love Challenge for Her 

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