Money Matters

Do you realise that money is one of the most common sources of conflict in marriage?

Men and women typically have very different ideas about how it ought to be used. My father, for example, was an avid hunter, and he thought nothing of buying three boxes of shotgun shells to use in an afternoon recreational shooting. Yet if my mother, who loved to shop, spent an equal amount of money on an extra potato peeler, he considered it wasteful. Never mind that she enjoyed browsing in stores as much as he enjoyed traipsing through the fields. His values were simply different from hers.

Getting and using credit is another danger zone for husbands and wives. Nothing irritates a disciplined, frugal person more than having a spouse who squanders their resources and their future earnings for things that aren’t needed.

I’m convinced that the first principle of a healthy marriage is to stay out of debt and to be extremely careful with credit cards. Their misuse can undermine a family’s financial stability, and they should be labelled Danger! Handle with care!

If money is a source of trouble in your family, develop a plan on which you both agree, perhaps with the help of a financial advisor. It’s the least you can do for one another.

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