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Reaching Millennials (NETT)
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Reaching Millennials (NETT)

( Focus on the Family Malaysia )
RM 39.90

A Better Way to Reach Millennials With the Gospel There's a reason you see fewer and fewer Millennials in your church. Typical evangelism methods often drive them away. People born between 1978 and 1998 have a different mindset than previous generations. But as nationally known church consultant David Stark shares, there are creative, biblical ways to engage Millennials outside the church, even those with negative views of Christianity. •In Reaching Millennials, you will learn how to •Anticipate and overcome common barriers to faith •Build trust and openness in genuine, welcomed ways •Plan events that attract Millennials and energize your own people And much more! Based on principles that built the church of the New Testament, Stark shows how any congregation today--large or small, established or new--can share God's love with a spiritually hungry generation.

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