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52 Things Husbands Need from Their Wives

Payleitner digs deep to give practical, doable, fun, and unexpected ideas for a wife to connect with her husband by listening; remembering he’s a man; encouraging him with her words; making space for him to participate; and appreciating his “hero moments”

RM 37.90

“I don’t always understand what he needs or wants from me.” Most wives want a heart-to-heart connection with their husbands. But men often communicate their needs in ways that seem strange to women. How to bridge the gap? Straight from a veteran dad and husband come these insightful, unexpected, and occasionally offbeat ideas. Bestselling author Jay Payleitner digs deep to give practical insight into how a woman can •see the ways her husband does want to connect…which may be different than what she expects •encourage him—not overwhelm him—with her words •understand why sex is such a big deal •make space for him to step up and participate in family life •be alert to his “hero moments” and respect and appreciate him A husband does want to be close to his wife. Here are great steps to strengthening a marriage by making room for that closeness to happen.

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