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10 Best Decisions a Man Can Make
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10 Best Decisions a Man Can Make

( Focus on the Family Malaysia )
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Men today have important decisions to make about family, career, and ministry. Sometimes the choices can seem overwhelming, and men end up making decisions by default—by doing what comes naturally rather than by carefully thought-out principles. In The 10 Best Decisions a Man Can Make, popular author and speaker Bill Farrel gives men the hands-on decision-making tools they need to make the kinds of choices they won’t regret. Farrel encourages men to discover the joy of finding their place in God’s plan as they •explore the positive benefits of making healthy decisions •discover their personal pace in life and make decisions in keeping with that pace •develop a plan for godliness that relieves the burden of self-effort •learn to make decisions based on personal character rather than what feels right at the moment

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