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Finding Freedom from Anxiety and Worry

When we let worry and anxiety take control of our hearts and minds, we put limits on what we can do for ourselves and others—and forget what God can do for us. The good news is there’s a healthy way to deal with worry that frees us from its grasp.

RM 25.90

In this practical book, Dr. William Backus explains how you can replace worry-producing thoughts with peace-giving truth. Using the same step-by-step methods that have helped clients and readers for many years, Dr. Backus explains the root causes of anxious feelings and how they can be overcome. With his expert help, you will •Understand your anxiety better •Identify how it affects you physically, mentally, and spiritually •Learn proven strategies to diminish its power There’s no such thing as a worry-free life, but you can measurably reduce the effects of anxiety in your life—and even use it to become the person God wants you to be. Dr. William Backus (1926–2005) was a licensed consulting psychologist and ordained minister, and he founded the Center for Christian Psychological Services in Roseville, Minnesota.

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