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Take Charge of Your Emotions (NETT)

Gain freedom and joy by taking control of your emotions with seven proven, faith-centered steps to overcoming unwanted feelings like depression and anxiety.

RM 52.90

Do you sometimes have emotions you can't explain or don't want? You are not alone--and there is help. Whether you are challenged with significant bouts of depression or anxiety, periods of longstanding emotional pain, frequent temper flare-ups, or only an occasional unwelcome mood, Take Charge of Your Emotions is relevant to your life. Psychologist Linda Solie guides you through seven steps to dealing with negative or destructive feelings. You will learn and practice time-tested skills that offer relief from painful emotions, including how to •Identify exactly what you are feeling •Understand the connection between your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors •Choose new ways to think that produce emotional and behavioral change No matter where you are emotionally or what you are dealing with, you can change the way you feel and behave. With nearly thirty years of hands-on cognitive/behavioral experience, Dr. Solie provides tools designed to help you find freedom and joy.

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