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Almost Sex (NETT)

In the tradition of Technical Virgin, Almost Sex speaks frankly to guys about the common misconceptions even Christian youths have about sexual loopholes that allow them to experience sexual activity without marriage.

RM 37.90

There's no escaping it. You're gonna have to deal with sex—and all the gray areas that go along with it. Maybe you're just starting to date. Or maybe you're a guy who has girls crawling all over you. Either way, or anywhere in between, you need to know what's right, what's wrong, and what's best for your life. With the honesty of one who's been in your shoes, Michael DiMarco covers nine signs you're about to go too far (or already have), including •you're a big flirt when it comes to girls •you think sex will make you happier •you've gone too far so you figure you might as well keep going •and much more If you're thinking about it, doing it, or regretting it, Almost Sex will show you how to handle the pressure.

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