A strong and loving family starts with a successful relationship between husband and wife. A couple should be equipped with knowledge and skills before embarking on marriage.

Target Audience

Seriously dating, engaged or newlywed (of less than 3 years) couples



Number of Participants

Minimum of 20 pairs and maximum of 25 pairs


One full day


RM 50.00 per couple


1. To prepare newlyweds and those planning to get married with relevant information and knowledge to face potential challenges in their marital life

2. To provide guidance, practical tips and skills for a fulfilling marriage and family life

3. To provide a neutral platform for couples to better understand and realize each other’s needs and wants


The topics covered include:

· Session 1 – Getting to Know You

· Session 2 – Discovering Our Expectations

· Session 3 – Facing Conflicts and Challenges

· Session 4 – Remember! It’s Good to Talk

· Session 5 – Building Sexual Intimacy

· Session 6 – Finance and the Family