Couple Checkup

Couple Checkup is an online relationship assessment tool to help couples evaluate their current relationship. Couples can be in a serious dating relationship, engaged or married. It is designed to activate dialogue, discovery, and increase the overall quality of a couple’s relationship.

Couple Checkup is based on PREPARE-ENRICH, a counseling tool that measures the strengths and growth areas in a relationship as seen by the couple. While PREPARE-ENRICH requires the service of an accredited facilitator or counselor to complete, the Couple Checkup is a simple tool that can be done individually by the couple.

Target Audience

Dating, Engaged or Married Couples


English and Chinese

Number of Participants

Not Applicable


Varies depending on couple (Approx: 20 minutes per person)


Tiered discounts are available for bulk purchases of the voucher. Contact Us for details.


To provide an assessment of a couple’s relationship health. Upon completion of the online assessment, a comprehensive 20-page report will be generated


Upon purchase of the voucher, couples log-in to the Couple Checkup website to complete the online assessment:

The areas covered in the report include:

Key Relationship Areas

· Communication

· Conflict Resolution

· Financial Management

· Leisure Activities

· Sexual Relationship

· Family & Friends

· Spiritual Belief

Special Areas

· Roles & Responsibilities

· Children & Parenting

Couple and Family Maps

· Couples Closeness & Flexibility

SCOPE Personality Scales

· Social

· Change

· Organized

· Pleasing

· Emotionally Steady

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