Let's Talk About Sex (for parents)

Let's Talk About Sex (for Parents)

This talk helps create awareness that parents’ involvement has a tremendous impact on a child’s decisions regarding relationships and sex, and to help parents understand the importance of a character and relationship-based sex education.

Talking about sex may be a taboo but in today’s world, teens need honest answers and straightforward information about sexual health. Most parents would rather let nature take its course, i.e. let their children discover it on their own. Unfortunately, we live in a sex-crazed world where unhealthy information is readily available. Studies have shown that parental involvement has a tremendous impact on a child's decisions regarding relationships and sex. If teens do not hear about it from their parents, they will hear it from someone else who may not have their best interests at heart.

Target Audience

Parents of teens



Number of Participants

Minimum of 40


Two hours


To cover travelling, accommodation and other support costs


The topics covered include:

1. Why talk about sex?

2. Who or what has the most influence on my child?

3. What should you talk about?

· Relationship Education

· Character Education

· Health Education

4. How to talk to your kids about sex?

· The 3 "A"s – Approach, Age-Appropriate & Affirming