Father And Daughter Banquet

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The Father & Daughter event (e.g. Brunch Date or Formal Dinner Banquet) is designed as a special moment for fathers & daughters to spend meaningful time together over a special meal - one to one.

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Throughout the event, fathers have the opportunity to bond with their daughters while also affirming their commitment as a father, and reassuring their daughters as young ladies.

Fathers, take your daughter out for an exclusive moment filled with fun and meaningful activities, as a way of affirming her worth and femininity. The highlight of the event will be a special purity ring presentation.

Target Audience

Father and daughter (aged 13-19)



Number of Participants

Minimum of 30 pairs and maximum of 50 pairs

* depending on venue




Varies (depending on venue)


1. To provide a platform for fathers and daughters to communicate with one another

2. To help fathers and daughters understand each other’s roles and responsibilities

3. To provide a special moment for fathers and daughters to share their dreams and goals, as well as to encourage each to support the other in achieving these dreams and goals

4. To receive encouragement through testimonies of other fathers and daughters

5. To present daughters with the occasion and opportunity to make a purity commitment


A typical event includes the following activities:

1. Photography Session: Fathers and daughters take a portrait shot together as a memento of the event.

2. Activities: Short activities to emphasize the importance of understanding, communicating and encouraging one another.

3. Love Language: Participants answer a brief questionnaire and discover each other’s love language.

4. “His & Her Story”: Testimonies from a father and daughter team to encourage the participants in their relationship.

5. Purity Commitment: Fathers present their daughters with a "Worth the Wait" ring as a reminder to her that she is loved and precious to him.

6. "Our Dreams": Fathers and daughters share their expectations and dreams.

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