Parenting (PARCE)

The Parenting Seminar which is based on the book, Parenting – A Rollercoaster Experience (PARCE), is designed to bring together parents to share experiences, to offer and receive advice, and to encourage one another.

During the seminar, parents examine common parenthood experiences and challenges, and discuss effective ways of coping with them.

Target Audience

Parents with young till teen children



Number of Participant

Minimum of 50


One full day

To provide parents with practical tips and helpful knowledge to raise great kids


The seminar consists of six sessions, and each session is structured to begin with an overview, an introductory activity, group discussion or case studies, and finally end with a plan of action.

The sessions include:

· Session 1 – Love Them and Let Them Know

· Session 2 – Family Fun Time Builds Memories

· Session 3 – Teach Them to Appreciate Gifts Received

· Session 4 – Avoid Yelling – It’s Useless

· Session 5 – Remember Kids Spell LOVE as T.I.M.E.

· Session 6 – Groom Them With Loving and Consistent Discipline

Also available:

Parenting – A Rollercoaster Experience Leaders’ Guide @ RM 30.00