A Pilgrim's Guide to Xtraordinary Parenting

A Pilgrim's Guide to Xtraordinary Parenting

This talk provides simple and practical ways to improve parent-teen relationships, helping parents to look beyond behaviors to see unrealized potentials in teens. It encourages parents to play the role of a coach by advising and guiding teens through the turbulent years.

Parenting teens comes with its ups and downs, challenges and joys. The seminar aims to help parents feel and be more competent as parents, and to enjoy their teens in spite of the ups and downs.

It is no secret that our teens are facing more pressures than ever in today’s society. Parents play a BIG part in helping teens navigate through uncertain territories in the modern world.

Target Audience

Parents of teens



Number of Participants

Minimum of 40


Four hours


To cover travelling, accommodation and other support costs


The topics covered include:

· Session 1 –Understanding Your Teens From the Inside OUT: Oyster or Pearl

· Session 2 –Understanding Teen Sexuality: Parents’ Powerful Role & Responsibility

· Session 3 –Understanding Your Teens From the Outside IN: Tuna or Salmon

· Session 4 –Understanding the i-Generation: Multimedia Influences