Father And Son Adventure Camp

The Father & Son Adventure Camp offers fathers and sons exclusive one-on-one time for playing, relaxing, working and talking together – all in the midst of an “adventure-camp” setting.

At the center of this great two-day escape are exciting activities and meaningful sessions aimed at strengthening the father and son bond.

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Target Audience

Fathers and sons (aged 8-13)



Number of Participants

Minimum of 30 pairs and maximum of 40 pairs


Two days, one night camp


1. To provide an exciting platform for father and son bonding

2. To help fathers and sons to better understand themselves, their roles and responsibilities

3. To encourage teamwork and communication

4. To highlight the importance of encouragement and affirmation


A typical camp includes the following activities:

1.Setting Up Tents: Participants work together to set up their tents.

2.Obstacle Course: Participants go through six obstacles or stations, such as the Commando Crawl and a six-foot wall climb.

3. Sessions and Activities: Through three sessions, participants learn about understanding, communicating and encouraging one another.

4. Night Hike *: Participants go on a two-hour jungle hike through lush nature.

5. “Cook Your Own Lunch”: Participants cook a simple meal together over an open fire.

6. Stream Trotting & Waterfall *: Participants go on a leisurely hike through a stream, culminating in a fun time at a waterfall.

*May be replaced by other activities if the facilities at the venue do not adequately support them


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Next Event:22-23 March 2019 (Friday-Saturday)
Time:4pm (Day 1) to 5pm (Day 2)
Venue:SUFES Campsite, Tapah
Fee:RM250 per pair only

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