Sound Generation

Sound Generation

This seminar offers an insight into the powerful and pervasive influence that media has over the lives of young people, and the society as a whole.

[SOUND (definition): Exercising or showing good judgment; Reflects weight of sound argument or evidence; Free from moral defect]

The media is like mind food and is available everywhere; and instead of consuming everything without discernment, we need to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy media. As William Romanowski (author and Calvin College professor) says, “There’s some good stuff out there and lots of bad stuff, and if people are going to live as a mature individual, they’re going to have to learn to tell the difference.”

Target Audience

Youth aged 12– 24



Number of Participants

Minimum of 40


Five hours


To cover travelling, accommodation and other support costs


1. To build media literacy competencies

2. To create awareness of the current media trends

3. To critically examine movies, music, video games, the internet and virtual communities


The topics covered include:

Session 1 – Are you sound?

· About being a Sound Generation

Session 2 – Welcome to the (Media) Jungle:

· The Upside, Downside and Your Side of Media

· How Can We Learn to Control How Much the Media Influence Us?

· No Big Deal?

· It’s Our Turn to Discern

Session 3 – From Hollywood to Wholly-Wood:

· We Have a Choice

· The Big 4 No-Nos: Movie Reviews

· Gray-area Guidelines: Movie Reviews

· Blah, blah, blah….Video Games: A New Look at The Gaming World

· The WWW (Worrying Wide Web): Internet Alert

Session 4 – Empty-V:

· The Sound of Music

· Lyrics Matters

· Under the Influence

· Timbuktu Idol

· MTV = Empty-V (Growing Up in a Moral Vacuum)

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