Beyond Appearances

Beyond Appearances

This talk provides an in-depth look into eating disorders and equips care-givers of adults and teenagers with eating disorder.

Culture and its airbrushed perfection has set an unattainable standard for most people today, especially young girls. Eating disorders offer a false sense of control, propelling a person into a cycle of disease that robs them of their self-esteem, disrupts their daily life and affects their health, sometimes to the point of death.

Many people with eating disorders start out dieting in hopes of changing their bodies. But for some, dieting lapses into an addiction and a diagnosable disorder. Far more than a physical malady, an eating disorder is best defined as an unhealthy way of using food to cope with psychological stress. Understanding the mind-body-spirit connection is vital to helping people who are battling an eating disorder. Unless all areas are addressed, eating disorders cannot be successfully treated.

Target Audience

Parents, teachers and adults who care for youth



Number of Participants

Minimum of 40


Three hours


RM 50.00 per participant


The topics covered include:

· Session 1 – What are they and how do they affect us?

· Session 2 – Who are at risk?

· Session 3 – What can we do about it?

The seminar is conducted by Dr. Hera Lukman BA (Honours), MSc, PhD, CPsychol who is an Associate Professor in Behavioural Sciences at HELP University College. She has been involved in many researches and publications, which include manuscripts on Assessment of Eating Disorder Symptomatology in Young Adult Female Students in Urban Malaysia.

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