Radical Relationships

Radical Relationships

This talk provides youth with principles for developing long-lasting and meaningful relationships.

Healthy relationships are important as it makes one feel good about oneself and matters most in life. People can have healthy relationships with anyone in their life, including their family, friends and the opposite sex.

Relationships take time, energy, and care to make them healthy. The relationships that we make in our teen years become a special part of our lives, and can often times teach us some of the most important lessons about who we are.

This seminar will help youth understand different kinds of relationships, what makes each relationship special, and how to communicate in a positive way.

Target Audience

Youth aged 12– 24



Number of Participants

Minimum of 40


Three hours


To cover travelling, accommodation and other support costs


The topics covered include:

· Session 1 – My Parents Are From Mars, I Think: Understanding and Building Good Relationship with Parents

· Session 2 – The Portrait of Friendship: Understanding and Building Strong Friendships

· Session 3 – Finding True Love: Understanding the Meaning of True Love

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