Effects of Pornography

Effects of Pornography

This talk helps boys see the addictive, progressive and ultimately deadly effects of pornography and to help those who are addicted find a way out.

Pornography is anything you see, read or hear that’s designed to cause sexual arousal. It includes many types of media - magazines, books, movies, music, the Internet and more.

Pornography promises thrills and sexual satisfaction, but fails to deliver on these promises. It can’t give deep and lasting fulfillment. A wise man once said, “Can a man scoop fire into his lap without his clothes being burned?” Similarly, can we repeatedly bring sexually arousing images into our heads without consequences? You may not be physically burned by sexual images, but psychologists argue that those images can actually be burned into your mind.

Target Audience

Youth (boys only; aged 12 - 24)



Number of Participants

Minimum of 40


90 minutes


To cover travelling, accommodation and other support costs


The topics covered include:

1. Case Study

2. Deadly Progression Chart

3. Recovery Steps

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