No Apologies® is a character-based pre-marital sexual abstinence program that seeks to help young people uncover the truth behind life, love, and sex.

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The program address the values of purity, self-control, marriage and family. At the end of the workshop, participants are challenged to pledge that they will choose to keep themselves pure and save sex for marriage.

Target Audience


Youth aged 13 – 17



English, Bahasa Malaysia, and Mandarin

Number of Participants


Minimum of 50 and maximum of 80



The full curriculum requires at least 12 hours. For most groups, we recommended at least 8 hours. Special cases like schools, we have a special program of about 4 hours. Note: Duration does not include breaks for rest and meals (an additional hour may be required).


  1. Educate youth on the physical and emotional effects of premarital sex
  2. Promotes the social, psychological, and health gains of abstinence
  3. Teaches that saving sex for marriage is the safest, healthiest, and wisest choice

To help participants:

1. Understand the value of character and abstinence leading to healthy behavior

2. Identify clearly the consequences associated with premarital sexual activity

3. Recognize the relationship between love and sex, and the benefits of saving sex for marriage

4. Practice skills necessary to achieve the goal of abstinence from premarital sexual involvement



The No Apologies® curriculum consists of four (4) units:

  • Unit 1 – Who Am I?
  • Unit 2 – The Media and I
  • Unit 3 – Boundaries and Choices
  • Unit 4 – Healthy Relationships




Cost per Participant

4 hoursRM15.00
8 hoursRM25.00


  • Why Teach Abstinence: For Parents-Teachers Associations (PTA / PIBG) and other groups interested to understand the philosophy behind No Apologies® and Abstinence-Until-Marriage programs.
  • No Apologies Training Of Facilitators: For Parents, Educators, Counselors and other groups interested to be equipped and trained to facilitate the No Apologies® curriculum.
  • No Apologies Workshops: For Students to experience first hand how No Apologies® can help them safely navigate the most critical decade of their lives.