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2018年6月2日 (星期六)
Focus on the Family Malaysia


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25 August 2018 (Sat)
Petaling Jaya
Focus on the Family Malaysia

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9 March 2019
8.30am - 2.15pm
Subang Jaya AOG
14, Jalan SS 13/3a, Subang Jaya Industrial Estate, 47500 Subang Jaya

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It seems as though everybody’s thinking about it; everyone’s talking about it.

Our parents tell us one thing, our friends say another. Even the media has something to say! But who is telling the truth?

Are you aged 13 to 19? If you are, the No Apologies® workshop is specially designed for you!

Let’s discover the Truth about Life, Love and Sex. Come for this No Apologies® workshop to find out!

Come for this fun and interactive workshop to explore:

Unit 1: Who Am I?

Together, let’s learn about how unique and valuable we are as individuals.

Unit 2: The Media and You

How much are our relationships shaped by music, the internet and even social media? Let’s take a look at the power of the media and how we can be wise about our media choices.

Unit 3: Boundaries and Choices

Where are our limits? Is kissing too far? How about holding hands? How do we make good choices in our relationships? In this unit we’ll learn how to draw healthy boundaries for our future.

Unit 4: Healthy Relationships

Is this love I’m feeling? What are healthy guidelines for dating? Let’s talk about “the guy-girl thing” and how we can have healthy relationships.

Here’s what participants have to say after attending the No Apologies® workshop:

“I will work hard to improve my self-control and manage my emotions.”
– Secondary school student

“I will know my boundaries and think carefully before making any decisions.”
– Secondary school student

“No one has ever told me anything this deep before. This workshop is special because we don’t just listen to someone lecturing us. We actually participate and give comments.”
– Secondary school student

“The part on ‘Media Literacy’ was really an eye opener for me. It is one aspect of understanding the need for sexual abstinence.”
– College student

“Should have more workshops like this all over Malaysia. It’s very interesting and everyone should have this knowledge.”
– University student

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