Heritage Builders

Every family has a heritage – a spiritual, emotional and social legacy passed from one generation to the next. What heritage are we leaving our children? Through Heritage Builders, parents have the unique opportunity to intentionally craft the heritage they will pass to their children and grandchildren.

Heritage Builders is a program based on four key areas, in which parents can creatively plan to pass their faith on to their children. The program includes six hours of discussions and activities that will help parents develop skills and strategies, so that they will be equipped to commence the heritage building process in their family.

Target Audience

Parents with young till teen children



Number of Participants

Minimum of 50


One full day


To equip parents with knowledge and resources on how to pass on their spiritual heritage to their children at home


The topics covered include:

1. Your Heritage: What is your vision for your family?

2. Family Fragrance and Traditions: Every family’s home has a fragrance. Is yours one of peace, order, comfort and fun?

3. Family Compass: One of your key roles is to impart a moral plumb line into the hearts of your children.

4. Family Moments: Creating special, teachable moments with your children is one of your most precious responsibilities.

Also available:A set of Heritage Builders Family Night Tool Chest books to facilitate family nights in which parents can pass on their faith to their children.