No Apologies® - the truth about life, love + sex

Malaysia31 Oct 2018

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No Apologies® Training Of Facilitators (Upcoming)

No Apologies - the truth about life, love + sex

日期 & 场地

2018年6月2-4日 (星期六至星期一)
Focus on the Family Malaysia


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Date, Location & Venue

25-27 August 2018 (Sat-Mon)
Petaling Jaya
Focus on the Family Malaysia

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Why should you be a No Apologies® Facilitator?

The need:

  • 1 in 3.5 teenagers in Malaysia says it is acceptable to have premarital sex1
  • The number of unwanted pregnancies among teens is also escalating at an alarming rate2

Come for the training if you:

  • Love working with young people and are passionate about the message of abstinence.
  • Have experience in training and working with youths.
  • Have flexible work schedule to conduct workshops on weekdays in schools.

The 2½ days training will:

  • Explain abstinence education and provide latest findings and statistics on youth issues (e.g. media influence, sexuality in Malaysia, etc.) so that facilitators can guide youths to make significant life decisions.
  • Equip facilitators with presentation skills to conduct No Apologies® workshops in the community, especially in schools. Trained facilitators will also receive a stipend when conducting workshops with Focus on the Family Malaysia.

Certificate of Attendance

The No Apologies Training Of Facilitators (NATOF) is conducted over two and a half (2½) days with demonstrations, role plays and activities to enable each facilitator to familiarize themselves with the curriculum materials and subjects. Upon completion, a Certificate of Attendance will be given.

Certificate of Accreditation

However, in order to be certified as an accredited facilitator by Focus on the Family Malaysia, s/he must fulfill the following criteria within one (1) year of the NATOF, after which a Certificate of Accreditation will be awarded:

  • 1. Conduct at least one (1) full workshop
  • 2. Fill-in an online evaluation after each workshop

Note: The Certificate of Accreditation has a validity of one (1) year and may be renewed upon fulfilling the above criteria. Facilitators must conduct at least one (1) workshop a year to keep the Accreditation active. This is to ensure Facilitators are constantly familiar with the curriculum.


  • 1 Focus on the Family Malaysia. (2008). No Apologies® Pre and Post Workshop Survey.
  • 2 Jones, K. (2010, June 27). In Malaysia, Unwanted Teenage Pregnancies Rising Alarmingly. Medindia (

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  • 并且3.5位被访问的青少年就有一位表示婚前性行为是可以接受的1
  • 此外,青少年未婚先孕的统计数据也以惊人的速度持续增长2


  • 喜爱与青少年一起工作,并热衷于教导他们关于婚前守贞的信息。
  • 有培训以及接触青少年的经验。
  • 有弹性的工作时间表,方便周日到学校进行工作坊。


  • 讲解关于婚前守贞,并提供青少年问题的最新调查结果与统计数据(如传媒影响,马来西亚对性课 题的探讨),让您能引导青年人作出人生正确的抉择。
  • 让您能掌握演讲技巧并能在公共场合,特别是学校里带领青春无悔®工作坊。当您与马来西亚爱家协会一起合办工作坊 后,受训的导师也将获得由协会所给予的津贴。


青春无悔®导师培训课程 (NATOF) 一共为期两天半(2½),课程包括示范、角色扮演及各中活动等让您更容易掌握及熟悉有关课程及道具。完成本培训后将获得马来西亚爱家协会所颁发的出席证书。



  • 1. 一年内带领至少一次工作坊
  • 2. 每一次带领工作坊之后上网填妥有关评估表格。

注:导师证书有效期为一(1)年,期满后须再次符合以上条件才能更新导师证书。导师一年需至少一 (1) 次带领工作坊,以确保认证资格有效以及自身对于课程也保持一定的认识和熟悉度。

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