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Marriages in Malaysia

A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.

Mignon McLaughlin


In 2011, there were 35,114 divorces compared to 16,425 in 2001. This increase of 114% is a worrying trend, and is a telling sign that the institution of marriage has weakened over the past 10 years. 16% of marriages end in divorce—this translates to 2,926 divorces in a month, 96 divorces in a day, and one in every 15 minutes!

You can make a difference! Learning how to make your marriage work is no simple task, but with the right tools and commitment, a fulfilling marriage is in store for all married couples.


Married for love. Married for life.

At Focus on the Family Malaysia, we believe that marriage is the basic building block of a family, and a family is the basic unit of society. It is absolutely important to nurture and strengthen marriages because healthy and strong families makes a prosperous and thriving nation!

As such, Focus on the Family Malaysia aims to channel efforts to protect and strengthen the institution of marriage in Malaysia. This year-long campaign in 2014 will provide avenues for married couples to invest and strengthen their marriage! Whether you’re single, engaged, a newlywed, or are marriage veterans, you can be involved!

Focus on the Family Malaysia is a non-profit organization set up with a clear vision to strengthen families. We are committed to strengthening the family unit so as to encourage and promote an enriched family life for all.

We aim to do this by working with a network of professional counselors, educators, government agencies, corporations, family support organizations, and resource agencies who are dedicated to the preservation of the family.

We help families to thrive by providing sound family content, relevant resources, effective events and programs, and counseling help.


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