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PREPARE/ENRICH leads the way in helping couples explore and strengthen their relationships.

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Couple Checkup™

Improving Your Relationship

Couple Checkup™

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What is a Couple Checkup™?

The Couple Checkup™ is an online assessment tool that you take with your partner to build a more satisfying and intimate relationship. It stimulates thoughts and attitudes about your relationship strengths and growth areas. Couple Checkup™ is relevant for couples who are dating, engaged or married, and valuable as it captures a snapshot of your relationship.

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What topics are covered in a Couple Checkup™?

Couple Checkup™ assesses these areas of your relationship:

5 SCOPE Personality Scales
  • 12 Relationship scales (communication, conflict resolution, roles, sexuality, finances, spiritual beliefs, and more)
  • 5 SCOPE Personality Scales (Social, Change, Organized, Pleasing, Emotionally steady)
  • 4 Couple and Family Scales (based on Circumplex Model)


Who developed the Couple Checkup™ inventories?

David Olson

Dr. David Olson is a nationally and internationally known expert in marriage and the family. He is a licensed psychologist and marital and family therapist, as well as Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota. He developed the well known couple assessment called PREPARE-ENRICH and he has over 30 years experience in the field of marriage and the family.

Peter Larson

Dr. Peter Larson is a licensed psychologist and former Director of Counselling at the Smalley Relationship Center. He has extensive experience using PREPARE-ENRICH with couples and with training others in this program.


How is a Couple Checkup™ relevant for every couple?

A powerful and unique aspect of the Couple Checkup™ is that the questions are tailored to each couple’s relationship stage and structure, making the assessment valuable and relevant. Based on background questions you answer, your Couple Checkup™ will be customized to include questions specific to your couple type.

View sample of Couple Checkup™ report and discussion guide:


How much does a Couple Checkup™ cost?

The Couple Checkup™ costs only RM120 (including 0% GST w.e.f. 01 June 2018) per couple which may be purchased from the Focus on the Family Malaysia bookstore. Upon purchase, one (1) voucher code will be emailed to you, which enables both you and your partner to use the same code and create a login. This code is valid for 1 (one) year from the date of purchase.

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GROUP Couple Checkup™

Maximizing the Impact of Your Program

GROUP Couple Checkup™

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What is a GROUP Couple Checkup™?

The GROUP Couple Checkup™ has been designed for small groups, churches, conference leaders, and even businesses, which requires the service of an trained facilitator. Maximize the impact of your programs by using the Couple Checkup™ GROUP Summary Report to assess and concentrate on the specific needs of your couples.

Why is a GROUP Couple Checkup™ useful for Group Leaders?

The GROUP Couple Checkup™ focuses on the needs of the group. Group leaders can generate a free Group Summary Report on all the couples in the group (minimum of 5 couples of same relationship stage), which provides powerful insights on areas that need the most attention, while still maintaining the confidentiality of individual couples. Additionally, the GROUP Couple Checkup™ will aid group leaders to:

  • Identify the strengths and issues of couples in your group
  • Compare results for men versus women
  • Customize your program to match what your group needs

How is a GROUP Couple Checkup™ relevant for Group Leaders?

The following documents are intended to give group leaders the resources and information they need to effectively facilitate a small group process using the Couple Checkup™, with or without the Couple Checkup™ book.

View sample of Couple Checkup™ Group Summary Report, Group Leader’s Guide and Discussion Guide:

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Building Strong Marriages


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What is our approach to PREPARE/ENRICH Program?

The PREPARE/ENRICH program is offered through trained facilitator (psychologists, counsellors, social workers, clergy, etc.) to empower premarital and married couples. As part of the program, you will complete a couple questionnaire to assess your couple strengths and challenges and a report will be provided to your professional. Together, you will review the results and develop a strategy to build on your strengths and to overcome your challenges.

What is covered in PREPARE/ENRICH Program?

The program helps couples identify their major stressors, and develop their communication and conflict-resolution skills. During feedback sessions, the PREPARE/ENRICH trained facilitator guides the couple through six exercises designed to help couples:

Six Couple Exercises

  • Explore strength and growth areas
  • Strengthen communication skills
  • Identify and manage major stressors
  • Resolve conflicts using the Ten Step Model
  • Develop a more balanced relationship using the Couple and Family Maps
  • Understand personality differences and maximize teamwork

What are the benefits of PREPARE/ENRICH program?

Improve your relationship!
Whether you are dating, engaged, or married, PREPARE/ENRICH has been scientifically proven to improve your relationship dynamics and relationship skills. Outcome studies have found couples who take PREPARE/ENRICH and receive 3-5 feedback sessions with a trained facilitator have significant improvement on 10 out of 13 relationship categories. As a result, their relationship satisfaction was greatly improved.

Reduce your risk of divorce!
Studies have shown couples who complete the PREPARE/ENRICH program prior to marriage have the potential to reduce their chances of divorce by as much as 30%.

A rich and rewarding experience!
Couples enjoy the process of completing the assessment and having feedback sessions with their trained facilitator. It is fun to explore and examine your relationship within a framework that encourages awareness of thoughts, feelings, constructive dialogue, and meaningful understanding of each other. PREPARE/ENRICH helps you examine your relationship on dimensions found to be important to relationship health. You will learn how to communicate more effectively with each other so that you can improve your relationship and continue to understand, connect, and relate to each other in healthy ways. You will learn and practice skills that will serve your relationship now and in the future.

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PREPARE/ENRICH Certification Training

Impacting Other Couples’ Marriage

PREPARE/ENRICH Certification Training

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What is PREPARE/ENRICH Certification Training?

A one-day PREPARE/ENRICH Certification Training that teaches and certifies participants to administer, interpret and counsel couples using PREPARE/ENRICH.

PREPARE/ENRICH is a customized online assessment tool that identifi­es each couple’s unique strength and growth areas. Based on their assessment results, you provide feedback sessions, helping couples to discuss and understand their results while you teach them proven relationship skills.

The PREPARE/ENRICH evaluations have been scientifically developed to have high levels of reliability, validity and clinical utility.

The six goals of the program are:

  • Explore couple strength and growth areas
  • Strengthen couple communication skills
  • Learn ten steps for resolving couple conflict
  • Explore Family-of-Origin issues
  • Develop financial budget and plans
  • Develop personal, couple and family goals

Target Audience

People involved in counselling, psychology, social work (or related disciplines) and people-helpers who work with premarital or married couples.



Number of Participants

Minimum of 25 and maximum of 40


Each successful registration will include:

  • Meals and venue
  • One free PREPARE/ENRICH assessment worth RM120.00
  • One set of Training Outlines and Learning Guides
  • One set of PREPARE/ENRICH Training Manual on CD-ROM
  • Sets of Question books and Answer sheets
  • One copy of Building a Strong Marriage Couple Workbook
  • One set of PREPARE/ENRICH program and resources on 3 DVDs
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