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… relationships are
a continuous journey
and a process of
reconciliation and forgiveness.
Quotation Marks Right White
My son discovered
that his mother
is pretty fun
to hang out with!
Quotation Marks Right White
… it was also the first time
in years that I had
a proper conversation with my dad
that lasted more than
a handful of minutes.
Quotation Marks Right White
coupled with endurance,
patience and
a never-give-up attitude,
is essential.
Quotation Marks Right White
The ties that develop through being and
doing things together
will hold the family firmly
through tough times in the future.
Quotation Marks Right White
She has accepted me
as her friend on Facebook, and
there is a great improvement
in our relationship.
Quotation Marks Right White
… what matters most to us now
is our four children’s character
and how well they treat others.
Quotation Marks Right White


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