PARCE – Session 1




Nourishing Your Spouse

Love isnā€™t just a feeling; it is action and behaviour. Itā€™s important that you regularly nourish your relationship with your loved one in ways that speak love to him/her.

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Real Life Solutions

The first step to connecting well sexually is to do so verbally.Ā Discuss 7 essential questions that will help you and your spouse satisfy your differing needs for intimacy in your marriage.

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Parental Gratitude

Gratitude rescues us from the trap of negative thinking and helps us enjoy life more. Learn how gratitude is one of the seven traits of effective parenting.

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The Real Job of Mums

What is a mum’s primary job? A nurturing mum goes beyond being the ā€œmaintenance personā€ in the family. She demonstrates by example how to explore life with zest and express the unique gifts of her child.

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