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04 Apr


四月22日、29日 五月6日、13日

一项以中文主讲有关提升人际关系的课程, 融合东方和西方精华、内容富有重要的洞察力和有效治疗。


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Intentional Fathering

7 April 2022
8.30 pm – 10.00 pm

Fatherhood is a journey, not a destination. Your role as a father is vital in the lives of your children, one that is irreplaceable. This workshop is the first step you can take to learn how to become more intentional.

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Raising Resilient Children

29 April 2021
8.30 pm – 10.00 pm

We live in an increasingly fast-paced and competitive society and the pressure to keep up with constant changes could leave our children feeling panic-stricken and overwhelmed. Find out what you can do to help your child manage their stress and emotions.

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