Q&A: Breaking free from insecurity

Q: I really struggle with insecurity. I feel stuck in destructive patterns and unhealthy relationships. I want to change, but can’t ever seem to gather the courage to break free. What can I do?

A: Our insecurities are a weakness, but make no mistake: they have great power. In fact, they’re a key reason many people stay trapped in a cycle of dysfunction and misery.

Most of our insecurities are simply a nuisance. We may question our attractiveness, drive a car we’re self-conscious about, or struggle with public speaking. It’s the kind of stuff that makes us feel awkward at social gatherings; but, otherwise, it doesn’t hold much influence over our life.

But some people struggle with insecurities that tap into a deep well of fear. It drives their thinking and keeps them stuck in painful situations. It can feel especially overwhelming when the only solution a person knows is willpower. But “white-knuckling” it and simply trying harder is rarely effective. You need outside help.

Some anxieties can be eased with the support and encouragement of friends, who reassure you in times of weakness.  But other fears are too deeply entrenched and can only be overcome with professional help.

With the guiding hand of a qualified counsellor, you can not only rebuild your self-image but learn how to replace fear with confidence. Take heart – there is hope for healing. To speak with someone from our Family Support Services, call us at 03-7954 7920, or write to support@family.org.my.

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