Q&A: Failing as a parent, but maybe not


Sometimes I feel like a complete failure as a parent. I try to be consistent with my children, but there are days when I just don’t give them the attention they deserve or have the patience with them that I should. I’m afraid that I’m going to mess things up and lose my connection with them by the time they’re grown.

Answer: As parents, we know that second chances are a part of everyday life. We struggle and strive to help our children do the right thing. But sometimes, they fall short of the mark. When that happens, it’s our job to help them get back up, dust themselves off, and try again. Sometimes, if they’ve been disobedient, they might need appropriate correction to get them back on track. Other times, our children simply need an arm around them, and a word of encouragement to do better next time. Either way, it’s all about extending grace and forgiveness.

Here’s the crazy thing: as mums and dads, you need that grace and forgiveness from our children! There is no such thing as a perfect parent. Sometimes – maybe even much of the time – we make mistakes. We lose our temper. We fail to make time for our children. We accuse them of something they didn’t do. Thankfully, children are resilient. If we’re honest and humble when we mess up, they’re more than happy to come running back into our arms and forgive us.

Within a loving family, there is always room for second chances. And thirds. And fourths.

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