Q&A: Keeping a New Year’s resolution with a twist

Q: I’m sitting down to write out my New Year’s resolutions. Every year I struggle to keep up with my goals – and usually give up within a few weeks. Honestly, I feel completely saturated already; is it even worth trying to add something else to the list? 

A: There’s a lot to be said for setting a few reasonable goals and making the effort to attain them. It’s helpful if they’re measurable (like “exercise for 30 minutes three times a week”) and you can enlist someone to encourage you and help you keep on track.

But we might also suggest making some “non-resolutions” for the year. Non-resolutions aren’t about what we decide to add to our lives. They’re about all the things we decide to leave behind.

A non-resolution could be something like resolving not to look back too much on the negative events of the past year. Instead, forgive the people who have hurt you and choose to have a better outlook for what this year can hold for you.

Or, how about resolving not to get more engrossed in technology than you already are? Decide that this year you’re going to exchange your smartphone and text messages for more face-to-face communication and one-on-one time with your family.

Here’s another one: don’t let mistakes you’ve made over the past twelve months determine how the next twelve months will go. Don’t live in regret. Handle whatever consequences you may be facing, but shake off your poor choices and get on with your life. Learn from your mistakes and move forward.

Living well is just as much about what you choose to leave behind as it is what you choose to add. It reminds me of the quote that says, “Our strength doesn’t come from desperately hanging on, but from gracefully letting go.” So as you think about your resolutions for this year, give some thought to a few non-resolutions as well. We wish you the best.

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