Q&A: Moving our marriage from good to great


My wife and I have a good marriage. I’d like to make it even better, but I’m not very adept at the “warm fuzzy” stuff. How do I move our relationship from good to great?

Answer: We hear this type of question a lot from men. We think it’s basically a matter of perspective, so we encourage them to approach their relationships with their wives like they would a teammate.

One thing we know: When you create a culture of respect and hard work among teammates, you can be successful at just about anything. We once heard a saying: “When teammates give their best as individuals, they make each other better.”

The best teams aren’t always those with the best players. Winning often comes down to teammates who are willing to work hard themselves and to motivate one another toward excellence. Play as hard for the guy next to you as you do for yourself. That’s key to success – not just in sports, but also in business, and particularly in marriage.

Your wife is your teammate through life. Be willing to work as hard at your relationship with her as you do your job, your business, or the hobbies you give so much time to. Know your role on the team and handle your business. We’re sure she has a few things that she needs to work on, too, but that shouldn’t be your primary focus. You’ll only motivate her to improve her part in your marriage if you step up and improve yours. And when everybody does their part, the team succeeds.

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